Our Story

About Style Salon opened its doors in January of 1998. A Lafayette native, owner Julie Eames-Jenkins had always dreamed of opening her own salon. After working in a few different salons, Julie finally found the place she wanted to open her own shop, in the Plaza Center in the heart of Lafayette. Ironically, one of her first jobs as a stylist was at a station in a salon called Hair Crafters, which happened to be in the exact location About Style currently occupies. After Hair Crafters, Julie moved over to a Salon called Hair West until Julie finally landed back in the Plaza Center when she opened About Style!

When Julie opened the Salon, she was worried about finding the right stylists to fill the six other stations she would have available. Within a couple of months she had 8 stylists with only 7 stations. Those same 8 stylists have been with Julie ever since and are part of the About Style family.

For the past 19 years, About Style Salon has been catering to the locks and curls of men, women and children of all ages in the Lamorinda area.

Julie lives in Lafayette with her husband, Bill, and has two sons, Nate and Wesley.

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